High Times

Today is the first day of the third month of our lives this 2011th year AD. Oh! Such a grand introduction for a day, a blip in our lives, and immensely less than an audible grain of sand in the age'd old thing- our Universe. Though today, I am forced to concentrate on my tiny... Continue Reading →


The Dark, the Humour and the Bright Side.

I guess it happens to all of us at some time or another- Professional life demands more of you than your blood and guts can fulfil, and that carrot seems to be further and further away from your outstretched neck and snapping jaws. The bank account turns it's pockets inside out and shrugs it's shoulders... Continue Reading →

Diet Why-et!

Strap in! It's rant time. I am over it and sick of it and completely removing myself from obsessing about my weight! This time, I promise to become more mindful of mindfulness. Remove my grey matter from the gluteus maximus! I worked out that I have lost 13.5 kilo's since beautiful big Joshua was born... Continue Reading →

Zombie Nation

Oh dear LORD i'm exhausted. Not sure why my sleep is stuffed currently. Yes I know the kid wakes up during the night but what's with the tossing and turning till 1am? The heat? Worried that the puppy is going to leave a few 'unwanted gifts' on the carpet while I am unconscious. Either way,... Continue Reading →

At the end, make sure you stop

I glimpsed the fence outside one of our windows tonight. It was pink! Some garbage needed to be taken out, so I dashed outside to catch the last beautiful fading embrace of the setting sun on the clouds crowning our house. There I was, standing in the middle of the footpath when something unexpected happened. Everything... Continue Reading →

Today…. oh screw it.

Imagine if you could have an insurance policy to protect you against days that end up being one great big dramatic write-off. Today is, and continues to be, on of those days. So at 2pm I decided- You know, i'm going to cut my losses, stand still for a moment while I wait for my brain... Continue Reading →

Really Want One!

I'm not saying that I know anything about photography, or take beautiful shots that pull gasps from throats but DAMN! I really really want a Panasonic FZ50 camera! It's not an SLR (you can't screw off the lens and put others on) but whoop de, it looks pretty good to me! Why the sudden outburst?... Continue Reading →

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