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High Times

Today is the first day of the third month of our lives this 2011th year AD.

Oh! Such a grand introduction for a day, a blip in our lives, and immensely less than an audible grain of sand in the age’d old thing- our Universe.

Though today, I am forced to concentrate on my tiny human anxieties and desires, as minute in the grand scheme as they may be.

He goes into hospital tomorrow.

Some may say, myself being one of them! That I can be a little more  openly self-righteous than I  really should. Worrying about the unfurled events of tomorrow and tomorrow is a wasted schlop of energy, I would say, which is agreed upon by every religion and common sense expert in the world. I assume. (There I go again…) So in knowing this, why can’t I turn it off?

Why do I find myself walking into rooms to get something and completely forgetting what it was, why i’m in this room and what my name is… The last one is exaggerated of course, I haven’t had some kind of aneurism.

I think It’s the distraction, the thinking without realising the thinking! The suppressed worrying that keeps the brain all spiky at bedtime. I have nothing but admiration for the parents who have terribly ill children, they must be real troopers.

Why doesn’t anyone write in those lovely clinical pregnancy books that two well known emotions truly peak when a child is born- Guilt and worry. Go away worry! You can take a hike too guilt!

Sigh. For goodness sake, it’s DAY surgery! He’s a healthy butter ball, just a correctional operation. Silly brain!

On the other view, these emotions are so primal, so beautifully uncontrollable and necessary if we were protecting our young against the proverbial Sabre Tooth Tiger.


He won’t care, he won’t know! Imagine the freedom to be unaware of our own mortality. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Orright. Cuppa tea time.

{This Moment} Saturday 26/2/2011

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Inspired by Soulemama (Well, it’s Friday in America.)


Cuddle Time

My new favourite time of the day.

Somehow over the last fortnight, Little Sisi, Squashy and I seem to have found a small pocket of time each day for ‘Cuddle Time’.

Sometimes 7 month old Squashy is napping, so we go and lay on top of our big bed, or on the couch to chat and cuddle and push each other over. Sometimes the bed is a boat where Leesa the Cavoodle circles around underneath. She is one of those dogs who chases their tail, digs, chews (every dog character cliche) so it’s not hard to catch the fish with the towel-robe cord.

When Squashy joins in he mostly latches onto our hair as it flutters into his grabbers. Even Little Sisi isn’t very surprised by it anymore, and patiently removes the strands as painlessly as she can.

I know that cuddle time won’t last forever, and she’ll find me old and boring and (most horribly) a complete embarrassment someday. In the beginning, middle and end, who needs to be thinking about ‘then’?


I’ll say it again…. I need a better camera!

I Heart You


Found this great family keepsake idea on The Crafty Crow which has fantastic crafty ideas for kids and adults.  Ooh I love pretty hearty stuff!

You can find the tutorial for making this beautiful cushion on the following blog – A Little Great

This lovey post is in honor of a friend of mine getting recently engaged (and what a ROCK!) and I now look forward to Valentine’s Day after finding the handmade Valentine’s gift ideas on The Crafty Crow that I can make with Little Sisi. Anything to focus the energy! I’m sure most of us see Valentine’s Day as a day for cash grabbery and tacky (expensive) gifts.

Hell, I don’t need Valentine’s Day to say what I mean! I Heart You blogging community! I Heart You LONG-time. 😉

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