High Times

Today is the first day of the third month of our lives this 2011th year AD. Oh! Such a grand introduction for a day, a blip in our lives, and immensely less than an audible grain of sand in the age'd old thing- our Universe. Though today, I am forced to concentrate on my tiny... Continue Reading →


6 Weeks In- Hungry Little Caterpillar

I just love those Maternal Health Nurse types. The one I have this time is lovely, honestly. Where she thrives simply enhances just how effing horrendous my last MHN with the first baby was. I was warned, this time, that a growing spurt commences at around the age of 6 weeks, and as textbook as... Continue Reading →

A Month In – Part 1

4 weeks galloped steadily past, though, not without my noticing. The little guy is a month old. Guzzling his way quickly to chubbiness too. I wish that Sienna and I had an ideal start. They say you  gaze into their little filmy focus-less eyes and fall instantly in Love. In a way, sure! She was... Continue Reading →

Our New Little Man

I slept quite well the night before the surgery. I booked myself in electively to bring little Baby Brother into the world at 8am on the 8/7/2010, knowing full well how very lucky that date and time would be if we were Chinese. Therefore both our babies would be born on the 8th of their... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow, tomorrow…

Holy cripes and criminy! The big moment is a mere 13 hours and 46 minutes away. We have to be admitted at about 6am to get all readied up for the big operation. I asked some questions of the Doctor today, can I die? Lol. Can Bren watch the procedure, can he take video of the actual... Continue Reading →

Damn Cat…

Wow. 2 MORE SLEEPS! We, The Chicken and I, slept in this morning. Slept in until I realised that the carpet cleaning man was going to be at our front door in 20 minutes, then I got up rather quickly indeed. Seems the cat has been marking some territory, meaning the carpet, near the very... Continue Reading →

Pain and Suffering

Apologies for the rant you are about to behold, I find myself feeling a little bit sorry tonight. I want to roll out of bed in the morning, struggle out of my clothing, shower, flatten the hair, struggle back into my pyjamas and pack myself with pillows on the couch and not move all day.... Continue Reading →


"An adventure isn't an adventure unless something goes wrong..." - Me What a day! Let's be honest now, some things have been going a little wrong lately. I promise I'm not one to complain all the time! Today did strike me as a little ridiculous though... We awoke to the creaking bedroom door and pitter... Continue Reading →

Excitement Abounds!

Crikey! Less than 2 weeks to go, and I experienced a burst of excitement! The latest Obs appointment went well, had an unexpected scan, must be the whole private cover extra attention thing. There's not a lot of room left in there, but apparently he was able to make a bit of a guesstimate on... Continue Reading →

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