Seems to be my sweet spot, the 1am's. How did it happen tonight? I have the flu so I could have dropped off to sleep at any moment all frickin' day. The kids need me? Could collapse to the ground snoring through my one good hole. Time to stand up and get a glass of... Continue Reading →



This entry might be a bit weird, I have ingested a Restavit and feeling very groggy but still can't log off. Nod off. Frickin sleep. I can't look at the computer screen because it's too bright. Not sure how my spelling is going here. I suppose things are a little stressful at the moment. Doing... Continue Reading →


It's 1:22am and I have chosen to have a very strong and sudden relapse. Oh, and it's my birthday today. Rather than lie there again until 5am I'm forcing myself here to empty it out. At about 5pm yesterday I was utterly exhausted, just hit a massive wall. I could have slept heavily for hours... Continue Reading →


I had a grand day today. Everything got done, ideas flowing and most importantly- didn't get tired or stressed. Even when the kids were interrupting my crappy soap photography. I still don't have a decent photo. Anyway this evening I had my usual bath, most people think I'm weird having a bath most nights. It... Continue Reading →


There are all different ideas about success out there. Today would be called a success for me, I had my very first market stall selling my soapies. It's not huge, but it's mine. We went to bed early tonight and Bren fell asleep as quickly as he always does and started rumbling. I have had... Continue Reading →


A bit proud of myself today. I have meditated every day for 13 days straight, the app- Insight Timer told me so and awarded me a little star for reaching the 10-day mark a few days ago. Tonight I decided to mention a few positive changes I have made, really difficult ones too if you... Continue Reading →


I read that the road to healing isn't a smooth one. It had a cartoon graph and everything. The line was bumpy, gradually climbing upwards with a little struggling stick figure climber at the bottom, reaching up in desperation at the beginning of the race (journey?) reappearing again at the pits and flats along the... Continue Reading →

The Tank and the Cavalry

Last night I wrote my worries down at 1am when I couldn't sleep, this time I thought it might be a good idea to see if the blogging idea works before I even try to sleep. Smart cookie? We'll see. What am I worried about today? All went well, a little tired, drove to a... Continue Reading →

10 Days

Here again, but briefly I hope. Moved the insomnia post over to another blog that I share with others, and they saw it, and now I'm all sleepless again. Nearly made 10 days of sleeping like a human again! A real functional adult. So here's what's bothering me this fine Thursday morning- I thought I... Continue Reading →

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