Nurse Mumma

Talk about an interesting few days!

Our little man is home safe and sound (same day). I am constantly amazed by how hardy babies are. Anyone else I know would complain as much as possible given the chance to have a real life ‘something’ to recover from. How can this smiling, perfect patient someday turn into a boy who will likely suffer so terribly from that most masculine of afflictions-

The Man Flu! {cue high pitched scream}

He kicks his legs and grins and laughs and grabs maniacally at anything that innocently flutters near his hands. The nurses and Doctor’s couldn’t believe what an amazing patient he was. ‘Of course!’ I say. ‘He may be the reincarnation of Buddha!’

Certainly a lifetime closer to enlightenment than I will ever be….

I wonder sometimes if I had eaten (or not eaten) something during pregnancy, would the necessity for this have been there? Maybe I didn’t do enough, or did too much? Was it that sip of wine at Christmas time!?

One can go crazy with such useless thoughts (I repeatedly tell myself).

I’ve got to hand it to nurses too, I am at home and totally in charge of ground zero maintenance. I have to keep the germs away, ensure cleanliness, stop pain, report anything infected or suspicious, hence our frantic 3 trips to the hospital since Wednesday, and I have to wait till Thursday to see the surgeon again. Whom I have called a number of times already. Naturally.

Parental worry is a funny thing. I myself put up with 2 partial dry sockets after getting wisdom teeth out for 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS of searing pain! With him I see the slightest bit of surgical tape unsticking itself  and i’m on the phone and bursting through the hospital doors screaming- “NUUURSE!”

Ok. I love to exaggerate.

The moral of the story is that kids are tough. And we should learn from their example.


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