The Dark, the Humour and the Bright Side.

I guess it happens to all of us at some time or another-

Professional life demands more of you than your blood and guts can fulfil, and that carrot seems to be further and further away from your outstretched neck and snapping jaws.

The bank account turns it’s pockets inside out and shrugs it’s shoulders and sticks it’s lip out when naught but dust and a moth come fluttering out.

One of the kids needs a stint in hospital (nothing serious) and finally, and most pointedly since your mood and self esteem is already down there sniffing around-

You’re a bit more overweight than you are quite frankly comfortable with.

C’mon though folks, everything in life is a choice! And when life gives you lemons..erm,  something about tequila… You choose to fix it all up, right?

You take a look at those finances, make some calls, move things around and hooray! soon you’ll be paying less and have a bit of cashola left over! In just a few weeks things will be back on track.


Car breaks down.

OH! Har har har, very funny.

My Daddy puts it down to the fabled ‘Bennett Luck’ comparable only to Al Bundy’s famous super power for screwing up. Very similar, in a less TV comedy kinda way. Let’s just say that if my Dad won the Lottery, he’d become very nervous…

Wait. Let’s look on the bright side for a moment- Fact: No money currently. It might sound tacky but we really do have each other and our lovely house (and still able to support both). Considering those in Christchurch, NZ who have lost their homes, businesses, loved ones and lives it’s easy to put little money woes into perspective. Perhaps even feel a little sheepish about complaining in the first place.

Broken down car- Thankfully I had husband with me and we were only down the road from our house so we were able to push home. That could have been MUCH worse.

Squashy’s stint in hospital. I’m worrying about my  7 month old under anaesthetic. Although, with top health cover and the top doctor it shan’t be a real worry. Never again will I curse the private health insurance fee! (Though it’ll be the first to go when all our wisdom teeth etc are extracted).

5 kilo’s left to lose after baby. Hmm…

Well, if i’m not willing to do the squats then, you know the rest.

Annnnnd … cut!


2 thoughts on “The Dark, the Humour and the Bright Side.

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  1. Chin up matey. Sounds like I should be taking you out for dinner instead of vice versa. If you get desperate about a car let me know. You can borrow my car.With my new job, I will be catching PT. Let me know 🙂

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