Meditation in a cup!

Yesterday Husband and I attended a Buddhist Meditation workshop which I was very excited about leading up, since I have been, for lack of a better word, dabbling in meditation for the past couple of years.

The workshop went for 2 hours, and I was tickled by the fact that the Buddhist speaker lost track of time and went over a little. Didn’t seem perturbed by the fact, obviously he isn’t in the business of being ‘perturbed’.

He did ask if we minded going over time a touch, I would have found it even more tickling if someone said- Yes! I have a very important appointment! I must leave NOW! Oh my GOD I’M LATE!

Especially after the lengthy and soul enriching meditation we’d just completed.

Before we went I worried, or worry perhaps being the wrong word, ‘considered’ the fact that 2 hours would be too long to meditate and talk about Buddhist meditation and principles. The longest session i’d been able to do by myself was all of 10 minutes before my brain insists that I need to do something else.

Ommmm…. maybe I should buy groceries online today… ommm….. i’d better do that now to get the last delivery spot… ommmmm. SHUT UP!

Honestly, 2 hours soared by! I am certainly miles away from being enlightened, and my monkey mind continues to distract me (amazingly not at the workshop, but always at home).

Of all that was said, one thing stuck in my mind the most-

First we must tame the mind in order to transform it.

This truly hit a spot with me, since i’m the type to try to power through the taming part.

I must TAME the monkey! Considering that Buddhists have over 100 intense scriptures dedicated to the practise this may, naturally, take a little time.

Adventure time!

(Or I could purchase Buddhism for Dummies and prove once and for all that I am really not getting the concept…)




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