Diet Why-et!

Strap in! It’s rant time.

I am over it and sick of it and completely removing myself from obsessing about my weight! This time, I promise to become more mindful of mindfulness. Remove my grey matter from the gluteus maximus!

I worked out that I have lost 13.5 kilo’s since beautiful big Joshua was born 7 months ago (tomorrow). And I don’t even remember celebrating any of it. Only obsessing about the next kilojoule adorning my nutritional chopping block.

Something hormonal this way comes. Not in the gross out way you think, I do try to keep my blog including rants clean enough for an adult male to endure, so I mean that weird things are happening… Not as weird as say- Growing a mustache or receiving instructions from my err, gluteus maximus but weird as in- malting really badly. So bad that if I were a lady with thin hair i’d truly start to get worried. Lucky for me I feel a little lighter for the summer! Also, I’m lucky to never have had pimples and now i’m getting loads of them! Tired, cranky, forgetful, CAN’T LOSE THAT LAST 5 KILO’S! My hormones are saying NO! And I might have to say- Well. Fine! All this is apparently normal after reproducing a short time ago.


Before you conjure a picture of me in your mind that i’m a hairless boil covered freak, accept that it really isn’t all that bad. I just have a knack of micro-managing my body. Poor thing.

I have been following the Clean and Lean style of living, and psychologically enjoy the idea of eating organic, saving the earth and my body one bite at a time. I will continue to do so.

One thing will be different, Clean and Lean-

I will indulge myself with alcohol on occasion. Perhaps even over-indulge.

I will eat bread for breakfast, because I bloody love it!        I LOVE bread!

I will not be looking (or pretend to not be looking) when that 5 kilo’s slips by unannounced and I throw my hands up with frustration at the fact I need to purchase an ENTIRE new wardrobe to fit my silly clean and lean body.

Or celebrate with cheesecake… whatever comes first.


(Hmmm. That may have been 3 things.)




About Casey

Hi, I'm Casey, Mumma of two amazing little souls whom I homeschool and partner to a very clever man. We sold everything two years ago and moved interstate to start all over again without anyone to bust us out of trouble. We began homeschooling, made new friends, became unexpectedly challenged by illnesses, and hope to write about all of it. I'm into natural learning, sustainability, health, love, homesteading, pure unadulterated CREATION and life lessons. The aim is- fewer lists, less need to control, less cleaning, less stress, more of the Love, and cuddle time and practising watercolour techniques because it's fun, not because I'm going to become the planet's most incredible watercolour painter and sell all of my WORKS! Perhaps I will sell all of my works. Perhaps they will be ungainly. One of the challenges is not to care. More blogging. Maybe. No pressure. See you around! View all posts by Casey

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