Diet Why-et!

Strap in! It’s rant time.

I am over it and sick of it and completely removing myself from obsessing about my weight! This time, I promise to become more mindful of mindfulness. Remove my grey matter from the gluteus maximus!

I worked out that I have lost 13.5 kilo’s since beautiful big Joshua was born 7 months ago (tomorrow). And I don’t even remember celebrating any of it. Only obsessing about the next kilojoule adorning my nutritional chopping block.

Something hormonal this way comes. Not in the gross out way you think, I do try to keep my blog including rants clean enough for an adult male to endure, so I mean that weird things are happening… Not as weird as say- Growing a mustache or receiving instructions from my err, gluteus maximus but weird as in- malting really badly. So bad that if I were a lady with thin hair i’d truly start to get worried. Lucky for me I feel a little lighter for the summer! Also, I’m lucky to never have had pimples and now i’m getting loads of them! Tired, cranky, forgetful, CAN’T LOSE THAT LAST 5 KILO’S! My hormones are saying NO! And I might have to say- Well. Fine! All this is apparently normal after reproducing a short time ago.


Before you conjure a picture of me in your mind that i’m a hairless boil covered freak, accept that it really isn’t all that bad. I just have a knack of micro-managing my body. Poor thing.

I have been following the Clean and Lean style of living, and psychologically enjoy the idea of eating organic, saving the earth and my body one bite at a time. I will continue to do so.

One thing will be different, Clean and Lean-

I will indulge myself with alcohol on occasion. Perhaps even over-indulge.

I will eat bread for breakfast, because I bloody love it!        I LOVE bread!

I will not be looking (or pretend to not be looking) when that 5 kilo’s slips by unannounced and I throw my hands up with frustration at the fact I need to purchase an ENTIRE new wardrobe to fit my silly clean and lean body.

Or celebrate with cheesecake… whatever comes first.


(Hmmm. That may have been 3 things.)




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