Cake Genius

Holy cow, this woman can bake.

She laughes in my face with her seemingly easy recipes.

I consider myself an artsy person, but there are two things I have definite trouble with. Wait, 3 things-

1- Gift-wrapping

2- Cutting with scissors in a straight line


3- Cooking a cake that doesn’t look like a toddler made it… alone.

Have a look at this which shall be Little Sisi’s birthday cake! It’s the most magnificent monstrosity i’ve ever seen! The instrucitons are found at her awesome blog- I Am Baker

Hmmm… methinks I may need to phone in an expert to help with this one.

Gawd I love birthdays, and I used to put far too much pressure on them being great (my own, anyway) when if you’re loved, living and full of life who cares! Unless it’s an excuse for cake and dressing up.

Photo proof of my er… genius will be posted in April after Miss 4’s party, probably next to this photo, because I like to invite taunts and sniggers at my own expense. A friend of mine loves to tell people the story of when I made a chocolate cake and didn’t have the necessary vegetable oil so cleverly substituted with sesame oil.

Tasted a bit nutty… How could I have known it would have a laxative effect!



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