He’s Leaving

Not my Husband. HER Husband!

Please excuse the terrible iPhone photo of a framed picture on the wall. I have previously stated that I need a spunky new camera but for now, my beloved iPhone will have to do!

This picture makes me laugh! I had a school assignment to draw my own version of Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ and this is the lovely, perhaps even slightly Aussie bogan housewife product.

I just remember that I enjoyed her mascara.

Immediately I became attached, and a couple of years later reproduced her from A4 size to a much larger wall sized picture, using pastel instead of pencil colouring. Apart from her hair. Funny how our knowledge changes and develops over the years- Note: The way the earrings give you no certain idea of where the light is coming from. Lol.

I suppose she marks the end of my creativity, since I was 18, partying, boyfriend, license, you know the deal. She is the last picture I really produced after high-school.

What do you see when you look at her? Just a bright comical face? Does she make you a little sad?

The picture is called ‘He’s Leaving’ because I imagine her as the worn out wife, watching as her husband screeches off in his car. Leaving a screen of dust as he departs. Gone forever. (Left with kids? New prettier wife?) Who knows.

I wonder what will mark the recent discovery of my creative side? Perhaps this time i’ll get the light right!



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