He’s Leaving

Not my Husband. HER Husband!

Please excuse the terrible iPhone photo of a framed picture on the wall. I have previously stated that I need a spunky new camera but for now, my beloved iPhone will have to do!

This picture makes me laugh! I had a school assignment to draw my own version of Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ and this is the lovely, perhaps even slightly Aussie bogan housewife product.

I just remember that I enjoyed her mascara.

Immediately I became attached, and a couple of years later reproduced her from A4 size to a much larger wall sized picture, using pastel instead of pencil colouring. Apart from her hair. Funny how our knowledge changes and develops over the years- Note: The way the earrings give you no certain idea of where the light is coming from. Lol.

I suppose she marks the end of my creativity, since I was 18, partying, boyfriend, license, you know the deal. She is the last picture I really produced after high-school.

What do you see when you look at her? Just a bright comical face? Does she make you a little sad?

The picture is called ‘He’s Leaving’ because I imagine her as the worn out wife, watching as her husband screeches off in his car. Leaving a screen of dust as he departs. Gone forever. (Left with kids? New prettier wife?) Who knows.

I wonder what will mark the recent discovery of my creative side? Perhaps this time i’ll get the light right!



About Casey

Hi, I'm Casey, Mumma of two amazing little souls whom I homeschool and partner to a very clever man. We sold everything two years ago and moved interstate to start all over again without anyone to bust us out of trouble. We began homeschooling, made new friends, became unexpectedly challenged by illnesses, and hope to write about all of it. I'm into natural learning, sustainability, health, love, homesteading, pure unadulterated CREATION and life lessons. The aim is- fewer lists, less need to control, less cleaning, less stress, more of the Love, and cuddle time and practising watercolour techniques because it's fun, not because I'm going to become the planet's most incredible watercolour painter and sell all of my WORKS! Perhaps I will sell all of my works. Perhaps they will be ungainly. One of the challenges is not to care. More blogging. Maybe. No pressure. See you around! View all posts by Casey

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