Soy Good!

I ordered a soy candle from a friend of mine before Christmas and picked it up today.

I have a home for it on the ledge of my bath to enjoy during my candle flame meditation/me-time/epsom salt bath. Along with my Kindle containing the Sookie Stackhouse Chronicles!

I digress.

This candle is big, bigger than I expected for the $15.00 I handed over, not that i’m complaining! Soy candles are clean burning and natural. Two things that make me smile.

She told me tonight that she loses herself in making them, that it’s therapeutic. I’m a little envious as I am still looking for that beautiful brain soothing craft for me that I can share with others without it taking me months to make! Knitting I love, but honestly, you want a hat…. be ready to wait a good long time. You may have it in winter. May. And what would I charge? It would have to be about $500 due to the amount of DNA markers found in the fibres from all my blood and tears. You could probably clone me from it… Kidding! Kidding. No bodily waste would ever go into the making of any wooly gift you receive from me. Promise! They’re metaphoric tears, and metaphoric blood.

I do love my candle, which you may think is a little bizarre but believe me, I can appreciate an item somebody has truly enjoyed making. Beats the ‘Made in China’ sticker any day.

Thanks Trace! Here’s a shout out for you at Candle Scentral so you can keep doing what makes you happy đŸ™‚





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