Zombie Nation

Oh dear LORD i’m exhausted.

Not sure why my sleep is stuffed currently. Yes I know the kid wakes up during the night but what’s with the tossing and turning till 1am? The heat? Worried that the puppy is going to leave a few ‘unwanted gifts’ on the carpet while I am unconscious. Either way, my brain is turning to mush and there doesn’t seem to be a zombie bite in sight…

I tried to make a little creature I have done dozens of times before as a little gift via this blog for those who would like one, see the example here of the creature (Little) i’m trying to knit. The whole complexity of this pattern was scores above anything my brain could comprehend last night! So I frogged him for now. (Frogged is knitter talk for – ‘too hard’ or ‘screwed it up’)

Do not despair! I shall have a Little & Friends freebie on here, as soon as my neuron’s are firing as they are supposed to. Ugh.

We did many things today, none that I can remember with too much clarity. Zombie brain, remember.

Tonight I may sleep, if I got to bed right now. (Do it girl, do it!)


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