At the end, make sure you stop

I glimpsed the fence outside one of our windows tonight. It was pink!

Some garbage needed to be taken out, so I dashed outside to catch the last beautiful fading embrace of the setting sun on the clouds crowning our house.

There I was, standing in the middle of the footpath when something unexpected happened. Everything suddenly became very pronounced and still. I could hear children laughing and playing in the darkening playground near our house. The insects in the garden, and faint murmuring of a neighbours television. We were not moving, the Earth stood stock still as the clouds crept slowly past. Immune to their own incredible force.

This must be what they talk about when they use the word- stillness. You never know what something truly means until it happens properly to you then WHAM! You know you’re there. No doubt about it!

I have tried meditation in the past and been fairly thought-free and peaceful, and I thought i’d for sure achieved stillness then. Even if only for a moment. I know now that-no, this time it was as though i’d logged into the energy of everything around me, perhaps some ancient instinctual awareness long forgotten and drowned out with the white noise and many little pieces that make up our chattery day-to-day.

Just warning you now, if you see me looking a little odd-eyed on the train or pushing a shopping trolley at Coles, you’re not in any danger. I may have simply harnessed the power to stop!

At least, if only in my mind.


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