Today…. oh screw it.

Imagine if you could have an insurance policy to protect you against days that end up being one great big dramatic write-off.

Today is, and continues to be, on of those days. So at 2pm I decided- You know, i’m going to cut my losses, stand still for a moment while I wait for my brain to complete it’s full circle (landing quickly into the trap I set for it) and have a cup of tea. Also lunch, since i’d simply forgotten all about it and only then noticed the starvation.

On the more organised side, I do have a new daycare lady. A stern yet lovely lady named Iram who’s children in care listen to every word she says! I like that. I like that a lot. Little Sisi is very relieved to be away from the biter (don’t ask) and seems to look forward to staying there next week.

Interviewing her and taking them to grandparents today left me exactly 3 hours to work in the studio/garage.

All this after a horrible night which included bed wetting not by me, projectile formula vomiting and snoring so loud (again not by me) I had to banish myself from the marital bed only to be woken up at 5am by Little Sisi tapping on my arm throwing around words like – ‘Hungry’. GAH!

Come on kids! How am I supposed to be an ultra-sexy super-mum with perfect hair while taking the business world by storm if I am not permitted to sleep! Kindly let loose with your bodily functions during the day if it isn’t too much trouble.

Lucky they’re so darn cute…


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