Really Want One!

I’m not saying that I know anything about photography, or take beautiful shots that pull gasps from throats but DAMN! I really really want a Panasonic FZ50 camera!

It’s not an SLR (you can’t screw off the lens and put others on) but whoop de, it looks pretty good to me!

Why the sudden outburst? Well, I have been snapping some pix to add to this blog, put some effort into it (difficult with the tiny shitty point-and-shoot I currently have) and find myself exasperated when the batteries fizz so quickly, it doesn’t focus, the colour’s all wrong and most recently, tonight, I can’t find the goddamn connector to the computer to get the photo’s off!

I know that isn’t the camera’s fault. All the same, feels like the straw, you know, the FINAL straw!

My Daddy has one, swears by it. In my heart I feel that the hundreds of photo’s I take of the little mortals are sub standard and simply not doing anything, or anyone justice.

Quite obviously I don’t just ‘want’ this camera… you guessed it. I NEED this camera!

Hmm.. perhaps a business purchase?

Thanks for nothing Santa! 


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