Chicane in the Membrane

What’s with my title? Best of Chicane is the album I listen to when I want to become present, relaxed and feel the edge of my mouth curl upwards for no particular reason.

Which album inspires you? I’d love to know (if merely to add to my repertoire!)

Don’t know about you, but my new year is starting off great, except that I had to fire my Family Daycare lady because her son is a biter… Other than that, wonder-filled!

Let’s re-cap so far- I have lost 1.7 kilo’s since Christmas, or more precisely, this week! I spent yesterday morning with two good friends and a lively little boy named Jack who Sienna can’t stop cuddling and the floors are mopped. All is well! Lol.

Here’s my message for the day ¬†from the very printable How Joyful

I love Chicane, and Chicane loves me!


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