T-minus 6 minutes… HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Decided to stay up tonight, while the rest of the house rumbles with the sound of slumber. Most of the rumbling coming from Husband.

Went to yoga today and I think i’ve damaged something in my back. May have been that headstand in the beginners class. Perhaps I wandered into the wrong class…

4 minutes.

Had a wonderful call from and old old friend who has given me some great news, kept me smiling all day.

3 minutes.

This week is great so far! Used my windfall to pay off the credit card and stocked up the fridge with organic stuff.

2 minutes.

The babies are less ill today, or perhaps the baby is more so, I can’t tell. And either can he. I’ll be honest. Starting to look forward to going out for my birthday, but I wouldn’t say i’m anticipating anything extraordinary. It’s unwise to expect anything other than what may happen.

1 minute.

Ready to acknowledge rather than ride the reins of the 10 year anniversary of my 21st. For perhaps I am wiser and older, though I I hope that I look damn young.


31 years of age. It is about a year now since I finally started looking around through my own eyes. So somehow, my birthday feels more like the anniversary of that, my transformation or even more dramatically – rebirth from the noises that were my thoughts.

Everything feels great at this point in my life, not to say that everything IS great, that’s a completely different concept. I feel great! I’m healthy, surrounded by positivity and life continues to throw flowers as well as the odd stone. Naturally, any pointy or heavy blunted objects reflect from my 31 year old hide with ease. Hardly noticed, and noticed hardly. Most of the time.

Bliss and blessed, whatever the morning brings, and the weekend. I will do wide armed twirls in the energy that surrounds me, for we are all lucky even before anybody says- Happy Birthday. Simply, because we’re alive perhaps? Something, something, something. (Smile).



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