Tooth- Begone!

One week and three days ago I had one of my teeth removed at the dentist.

Interesting experience, to put it mild-like. There were needles, scraping, drilling poking and CRACK! Out she came.

The dentist is a good one, though I am rather annoyed that he pushed me so unceremoniously out the door after such a full on experience, you know, getting part of my SKULL removed. In the air behind me I heard something like- “Swish hot salty water in 24 hours” and perhaps “don’t eat till the drugs wear off.”

I got to keep the tooth. It’s in a little sealed plastic bag with some gum still dangling from it. πŸ™‚

Now there’s a problem. It’s a week and three days later (as above) and i’m still in pain, in fact, gradually increasing pain. I know I know, I shouldn’t test the waters with my tongue and I should swish salt water more often (not that he told me how many times to do it!) Now I have a bit of an issue with it which the dentist reckons, after I went back there complaining and worrying about the hole, will heal up by itself eventually, but to come see him again if the pain increases some more and I taste something horrendous in my mouth.


Suffice to say, I have cancelled the appointment to get my other two teeth out, which are wisdom ones, till little baby brother Joshua is sleeping longer during the night. Sleep depravation and pain is not my idea of a party. No siree!

On a less complaining note, today was beautiful! There is surely the promise of spring in the air. I could naught but sigh at the perfect cloud-landscaped sky. Ahhhh. πŸ™‚

You find me exhausted and in pain, but content! And ever so bless-ed.


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