Excitement Abounds!

Crikey! Less than 2 weeks to go, and I experienced a burst of excitement!

The latest Obs appointment went well, had an unexpected scan, must be the whole private cover extra attention thing. There’s not a lot of room left in there, but apparently he was able to make a bit of a guesstimate on the weight of little junior as well as head size and leg length. The verdict? Average size head, same weight as Sisi when she was born (remembering he still has 2 weeks to fatten up) and long legs. Hence the rib crackers.

He’s gunna be a soccer player, he is! He iiiiiiiii-iiis! (If you haven’t seen Billy Maddison you’re wondering what the ruddy hell i’m on about.)

Speaking of Ruddy Hell, how about that political stuff this week eh? Mr Rudd booted by his own party to be replaced by a shiny, well, perhaps not that shiny, new Prime Minister.

I honestly don’t have much of an opinion, and despise myself when I try to sound educated about stuff I really really roooooly don’t understand. I’m one of those swinging voters, so entertain me and I might vote for you!

Anyway, enough about that.

The excitement hit when I was having a lay down after Eggs Benedict in Berwick. We were not impressed with the service and paid FAR too much for our coffee’s, and I got my ‘ate too much’ pains which are like little islands of suffering all over my back and sides. I think my organs are a bit smooshed to the sides when I eat, but I just gotta eat. I just GOTTA!

The laying down takes a little pressure off whatever organ/ligament etc hates me at the time, and it was during this lay down that I remembered seeing him on the screen again and felt, very excited! The way you feel when the long suffered-for holiday arrives, or when it’s your birthday coming up and you have inside information that something very cool is being organised for you. Not the anxious excitement, it was pure and positively dribbling endorphins. Happy, happy. 😀

Boy there’s a lot to organise! Finalising work stuff, even when people continue to call and try to fit-one-more-in-beforehand when it would be very nice to actually have just one day without any phone calls, emails or text messages from customers. Soon I will be able to put on my maternity leave phone message. Can-not-wait!

There’s all the paperwork stuff I won’t be at home to organise, of which will be left to darling husband. Slightly nervous about that but one must relinquish control when one is forced to.

It’s friggin’ TAX TIME!

Dealing with my wobbly old car.

Ensuring that i’m spiritually ready to endure 6 days in hospital. Grimace!

Preparing as much as humanly possible to make little Sienna’s experience at this time as easy on her as possible. I hope she’ll be ok. I’ll miss her 😦

Oh well, all this blahdy blah reality stuff is really just stuff. HAPPY HAPPY! 🙂


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