Becoming Real


Had some funny feelings in the gut this morning, the type that makes you wonder if all the scheduling and planning is going to turn around and teach you a lesson about just letting things happen.

False alarm. Phew! Everything still on schedule.

The entire Medibank messiness has been sorted, which happens when you demand to speak to a Manager and the Manager only. Tis a shame to bypass but honestly, someone put me down as a pre-existing illness!

As the title emits, it’s suddenly real to me today with 2 weeks left to go, I sat after eating pie with the plate balancing on my knees, we were watching Xtreme Make-Over, clutching my head and saying ‘Oh my GAWD there’s going to be a baby, a newborn baby, everything’s going to be different again!’ over and over. Yes, pathetic as it seems, this is the first moment the reality has occurred to me. Not during the scan, not after the first kicks or the nursery preparation. Eating pie and watching Xtreme Makeover.

Being in hospital for almost a week is daunting, I do dislike hospitals. I dislike that at the very moment you fall asleep someone comes in to check something, turns on a light, yammers loudly directly outside your door so on and so fourth. Though this time will be different, for the money we’re paying I darn well expect champagne with my dinner (baby milk friendly, of course) and everyone’s expected to visit me. And Supernanny will be sleeping in the room with us. And I get a certificate for being such a good sport.

Then more champagne.

And a facial and foot massage….

(Siiiiigh). 😉

The little one went to grandparents today and Mother worked for me in the studio and I organised banking, Medibank, customers, schedules, rah rah rah! Then had a nap.

Best part of the day! Hmm… maybe i’ll have a bowl of oats, anything is possible.


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