15 days, 10 hours, 15 minutes…

Medibank is pissing me off tonight, and for the last few weeks actually.

We joined private insurance to have the option (with the intention) of having an elective caesarean. There’s a lot of – “No worries” and “this is the best cover for you” until you call and they inform you that the dipshit you signed up with, obviously eyes a-glittering at the prospect of getting the commission/incentive award for the sale they just made, signed us up for the wrong amount of coverage. Some phone calls and pleading and angering later- We are covered! For an extra $70 per month… Nice.

Today, with mere MOMENTS to go before I go in for the elective caesarean to bring our little boy into the world, and much money outlayed to our chosen Doc and hospital and Medibank itself, we may not be covered for the elective birth. More calls, pleading, angering, verbal throat grabbing and ego stroking later it’s apparently a bit of a mess in our ‘file’. JEEZUS this is the very first claim we’ve made! We will find out tomorrow night when the manager lady sorts through information to let us know where we sit.

If we’re sitting anywhere other than in a lovely comfy private hospital room after a mostly paid for caesarean and duration I want every effing cent i’ve already paid to the bastards.

Anyway, in other news- I’m getting a new car! Why? Well, my other one has decided to crack it with 15 days, 10 hours and 15 minutes till D Day. Speaking of cracking it, one of my teeth has decided to literally do so. What else can I complain about… There’s much much more, but at least the loan was approved and I will be getting an updated car before the wheels fly off the current one. She’s been a good ol’ girl, excellent motor, just can’t keep her legs under her. Poor thing.

Again, in other news-

Earlier tonight Sienna was able to experience her baby brother kicking her in the face whilst still in utero. I told her that he had the hic-ups and would she like to feel them? Her little hand rested boredly on my belly until…. bump! Eyes lit up, disbelief played with her eyebrows and suddenly, both hands were on the bumpy bit along with her head!  She left her head there for ages, jiggling every time he did a ‘hic!’ Magic     🙂

Makes everything else seem like white noise, don’t it?


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