Scene Set

One household, giving away nothing of the contents, in fair Berwick, where we lay our scene.

One husband, one cat, one poodle, 3 fish, one 3 year old human and I with little human no. 2 so close to completing our 2 adults 2 children demographic. 18 days 11 hours and 21 minutes till he (yes he) bursts shocked, saturated and screaming into the world.

I have a partially fulfilling and rather successful home business which I am trying to wind down as the D Day draws nearer, a nice house in a safe neighborhood and a husband I am currently pissed with because he ate the honey flavoured oats, though, would love to fold up into a little ball to wear clasped in a locket around my neck every day. Squish!

Then there’s the little chicken, the first tiny human. She who in my opinion couldn’t be more the perfect mixture of the both of us. Pride and joy. Makes me smile and laugh widely every day.

It is amazing to see our lives summed up, how normal we seem on paper (or screen)!

I often pondered on an early sleep deprived Sunday morning back when we were 20-somethings the eternal question:-“What IS normal?” I guess the above would be my bullet-pointed definition. 2 adults, 2 kids, pets etc.

Alas, and thankfully, the nature of the characters can be a different thing entirely.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant today, and I know that doesn’t make sense to the whole 18 days thing, but that is because I have elected to have a cesarean a little over a week earlier than the actual due date. Instead of going into ‘why’ i’ll simply say the most politically accurate thing I can think of- It is the best course of action for the future of myself, and the little baby fella. Amen.

A friend asked if I was ‘ready’ for him. I replied by saying that the nursery was basically complete, his baby stuff was packed…. She corrected herself- “No, are you really ready for him?” Couldn’t answer that, tried to, just couldn’t! Suppose I don’t think anyone can be ready for the unknown, even if they do have an educated idea of what they’re getting themselves, or ourselves, into. The uncertainty is a little exciting, I know i’m getting used to and a little bit bored of the same old routine. Doesn’t help when nights out with the girls a dancin’ and a drinkin’ on the odd occasion is struck from the list for 9 months! Perhaps pregnancy is so annoying in the last month so you start to prefer the idea of a little screaming pink thing to the uncomfortable everything of being as massive as I am right now!

One can’t complain really. I am very very lucky to be honest. Ridiculously healthy, no issues throughout, generally good at being pregnant. Not very good at the squeezing out part though…. That’s another, immensely gross story for another time. Another reason for the elective caesarean.

Boy am I more chilled out this time too! More tired, more everything. The alien inside is also a lot more chilled than the Little Chicken was. Fingers crossed it’s a sign of more to come.

My old inner control freak is starting to, well, freak out a little at the uncertainty and insanity our lives may be in a few weeks. Fortunately, her voice isn’t very loud anymore. All that is, is what it is. In the face of every difficult situation we find ourselves in, a wise man advised that this too, shall pass.

Nothing truly wonderful is ever likely to be easy. 

Let’s go baby! I wanna meet ya! And, naturally, I want my body back so I can bust a move with mah peeps! Nothing wrong with that, is there?  

I’m off to watch an episode of Lost with husband, with some yoghurt, a vitamin tablet and a cup of peppermint tea. Mmmmm.









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